Month: February 2017


This week I want to talk about gratitude. It has been a buzzword for a few years now but beyond that, it is something that, when practiced regularly, can change your life in incredible ways. Last year I happened upon a book in the library called 365 Thank Yous written by lawyer John Kralik. It’s […]


Benjamin Franklin once declared, “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. That leaves an awful lot of room for uncertainty! How’s your current level of uncertainty? Are you constantly anxious about what’s around the corner? Or are you bored with the ho-hum of everyday life? Some uncertainty in life […]


It’s officially Random Acts of Kindness Week! You might not know it, but Darwin-inspired research has found that our brains are hard-wired to be caring and generous despite arguments otherwise. And, even better, Dr David R. Hamilton found that kindness has a positive effect on our health –  it slows ageing, gives us healthier hearts, […]


Regret is the kind of word you never want to hear, and the kind of emotion you never want to feel. We go through life trying to avoid it. Most of us don’t want to remember the things we could have done, should have done, or perhaps shouldn’t have done. It just doesn’t feel good. In fact, in some […]