Month: August 2019

On Being Calm

“Learn to be calm and you will always be happy.” – Paramhansa Yogananda Welcome to this weeks Unpack! Today’s quote is from Indian monk, yogi and guru Paramhansa Yogananda on the relationship between being calm and being happy. Have you noticed that when you are calm you are more able to feel happy and in […]

On Moving Forward.

“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt Welcome to a new Unpack, I hope you’ve had a great week. Our topic today is this quote from former US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Do you suffer from analysis paralysis? Where you can’t figure out the “right” […]

On Having a Closed Mind.

“The most expensive thing you can own is a closed mind.” – Mike Chavez Welcome to this week’s Unpack. Our topic today is this quote attributed to Mike Chavez (although I can’t find an actual source so not sure where his name came from!). Have you ever considered the cost of having a closed mind? Experiences you […]

On Sacrifice.

“Great success requires greater sacrifice.” – Sachin Prabhu Welcome to this week’s Unpack. Our topic today is this quote on sacrifice, attributed to Sachin Prabhu. What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve what you want? For many of us, the answer is “not much”. We are content to spend our time and money on things […]