Look for solutions loved by other ADHD brains.

ADHD Business Tips - Look for solutions loved by other ADHD brains

There is no one-size-fits-all approach that anyone can offer you. The hot water that softens a carrot will harden an egg.
– Clayton M. Christensen

Tell me, how many times have you tried the latest productivity app, time management technique or work-life balance hack only to have it fall flat before you could even fully get your head around it? How many – almost-untouched – fancy diaries, calendars or notebooks do you have stashed away somewhere that after using for a few days or weeks you put down and never thought of again? How many apps are cluttering your phone after you read about them, gave them a spin and then one day just started ignoring them?   

Let me assure you, I’m not psychic, I’ve just been there, and I want you to know: we’re not alone!

The problem? Most mainstream solutions are designed for neurotypical brains, not the beautifully frenetic ADHD mind.

The “neurotypical” trap!

I remember downloading a highly rated productivity app that relied heavily on prioritising tasks, setting reminders, and sticking to a rigid schedule. For someone whose thoughts bounce around like a ping-pong ball, it was a disaster. The endless notifications and prioritising felt constraining rather than liberating. By day three, I had all but abandoned it completely, only to be reminded (and annoyed) regularly for much longer by the continuing notifications!

This kind of thing is a common experience for those of us with ADHD brains. We get excited about a new system or tool that works wonders for others, only to find ourselves overwhelmed, discouraged, and back at square one. The disconnect? Neurotypical solutions often fight against the natural way our brains operate instead of leaning into it. 

There’s a reason why we can have a library of books on productivity and organising solutions on our shelves yet still find ourselves chronically disorganised and constantly feeling chaotic. We shouldn’t feel ashamed at not being able to make the wrong solutions work for us.

ADHD-friendly solutions do exist

The good news is, there is help out there, we just have to know where to look! Solutions beloved by the ADHD community can be game changers precisely because they’re designed by people who think the same way we do. They account for our tendency to hyperfocus, our rejection of rigidity, our craving for novelty, our chronically restless minds. Using ADHD-friendly strategies doesn’t make us more “normal” – it allows us to optimise our unique brain patterns for ultimate success and balance.

As just one example, many ADHDers have had breakthrough progress by gamifying their to-do lists and creating concrete rewards for task completion. Rather than strict time blocks and schedules, we respond better to our innate drive to win rewards and sense of competition, even if it’s just against ourselves. An ADHD-friendly productivity system might involve earning points, leveling up, or unlocking digital rewards by checking tasks off a list. To neurotypical brains it might seem juvenile, but for us it scratches a very real psychological itch.

Beyond productivity, ADHD entrepreneurs may benefit from exploring other ADHD-specific methods for managing energy levels, reducing burnout, and finding passion-fuelled focus. The traditional work-life separation advice doesn’t play as well for our interests-driven motivations and tendency to hyperfocus for hours on tasks we’re passionate about. An ADHD-centred framework embraces that those hyperfocus periods are our competitive career advantage – so long as we account for, and build in, adequate rest and recovery beforehand.

Where to find ADHD-friendly solutions?

So where do we find these kinds of tailored gems? While not always as prominently marketed as mainstream options, ADHD-friendly hacks, apps, and advice are increasingly available online and often easily accessible if you know where to look.

A good starting point (beyond these weekly tips!) are social media and online communities like Reddit’s r/adhd and /adhdwomen as well as Facebook groups such as Adult ADD/ADHD Support Australia, the Melbourne ADHD Group for Women & Gender Diverse and of course Next Level ADHD Entrepreneurs Australia. Crowdsourcing what works best from other ADHD adults going through similar trials can be far more valuable than the more common one-size-fits-all blog posts or self-help books. There’s no better advice than from those who deeply understand the ADHD experience.

For the self-directed self-learner, a growing number of books, videos, and blogs are emerging from ADHD creators, life coaches, and entrepreneurs themselves. These resources dive deep into specific tools and solutions that ADHD individuals have found transformative. Well-known You-Tubers and podcasters like Jessica McCabe of How to ADHD and Eric Tivers from ADHD reWired provide mountains of highly relevant, free content on almost any topic you can think of. Many of these folks are also ADHD coaches and advocates offering helpful solutions for precisely this audience.

ADHD coaches and therapists who specialise in the condition (but who may not have a large social media following) are also becoming more accessible through online services. These professionals understand the neuroscience behind our unique thought patterns and can provide personalised guidance on productivity strategies, life hacks, coping methods and more.


If you’re not already a member, come join us in the Next Level ADHD Entrepreneurs Australia Facebook group. It’s a great place to learn from others and get relevant support from other ADHD business brains.

At the end of the day, coping with and capitalising on ADHD isn’t about becoming “normal” or fitting into a neurotypical ideal. We bring incredible strengths like hyperfocus, creativity, passion, and courage to the entrepreneurial world. By seeking out ADHD-optimised solutions, we get to honour those strengths and play by our own rules, leading to better productivity and a more sustainable, energised sense of balance. Not to mention all the money and time we can save!

As an ADHD business owner myself, I’ll keep experimenting with fresh ADHD-centric tips and methods from my peers – and sharing them here with you regularly – because when it comes to customising this business-building journey for our unique brains, we’re truly the experts.

I’ll see you next week!

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