Take a holiday!

ADHD Business Tips: Take a holiday!

Do you find yourself constantly racing against the clock, juggling a million tasks, and struggling to stay focused as an entrepreneur with an ADHD brain? You’re not alone. The hustle-and-bustle of business life can be particularly challenging for those of us with a neurodivergence.

But what if I told you that taking regular holidays or breaks could be the secret weapon you need to supercharge your productivity and wellbeing? It might sound counterintuitive, but it’s true, and I’m living it right now!

After not taking a proper holiday since my son and I spent three incredible weeks in Italy back in 2017, we’re currently in tropical north Queensland for a well-earned, beach-side break. While it’s not all been sunshine and roses, there has been a lot of sunshine involved and the impact on both my physical and mental wellbeing has been marked.

I’ve been loving the ability to track the effects on what my Garmin watch calls my Body Battery. It’s been well over a year since my body was able to recharge overnight as consistently as it has over the last 8 days. I’m feeling good, thinking clearly and will return to the office later this week feeling rested and recharged, ready to make the most of what’s left of 2023.

See that red arrow? That’s showing my body battery at 91/100 after just one night here!

The benefits of taking a break

Taking breaks isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity, especially for entrepreneurs with ADHD. Here’s why:

Improved Focus and Productivity: Constantly pushing yourself without breaks can lead to burnout and decreased productivity. Regular breaks refresh your mind, helping you stay focused and sharp when you return to work.

Enhanced Creativity: Breaks allow your brain to wander and explore new ideas. You’ll be amazed at the creative solutions that pop up when you step away from your daily grind.

Stress Reduction: High-stress levels are common among entrepreneurs. Holidays and breaks provide an opportunity to unwind, reduce stress, and improve your overall mental health.

Not prioritising breaks

Entrepreneurs, especially those with ADHD, often fall into the trap of overworking themselves. They skip vacations, ignore their wellbeing, and believe that pushing harder will lead to success. However, this approach can have dire consequences including:

⛔️ Burnout: Burnout is a real threat to any entrepreneurs but even more so when you have ADHD. Pushing yourself relentlessly can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion, making it even harder to accomplish your goals.

⛔️ Diminished Creativity: Creativity often thrives during leisure time. Without breaks, you risk becoming stuck in a creative rut.

⛔️ Health Issues: Ignoring your wellbeing can lead to various health problems, including anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. Your physical health can also suffer as we’re far less likely to take good care of ourselves when we’re feeling stressed.

Creating mental space

Taking a holiday isn’t just about rest and relaxation; it’s about creating mental space for yourself. When you step away from your business, even for a short while, you allow your mind to reset and rejuvenate. Here’s how it works:

🤓 Gaining Perspective: Stepping away from your daily tasks lets you see the bigger picture. You can assess your business objectively and identify areas for improvement without being lost in the minutiae.

🧠 Recharging Your Brain: Your brain needs downtime to function optimally. It’s during breaks that your brain consolidates memories, processes information, and renews your cognitive resources.

Finding Inspiration: Holidays expose you to new environments, people, and experiences. These encounters can spark fresh ideas and strategies for your business.

Creative ways to take a break

Now, you might be thinking, “I can’t afford to take a two-week holiday right now.” That’s okay. There are creative ways to take breaks without breaking the bank or sacrificing your business:

🚘 Mini-getaways: Plan short, local getaways over a weekend or even just a day. Explore nearby towns, nature reserves, or tourist attractions. You’ll be surprised how refreshing a mini escape can be.

🏡 Staycations: Turn your home into a vacation destination. Dedicate a weekend to relaxation, pampering, and leisure activities without working or checking emails.

📵 Digital detox days: Designate days where you disconnect from all digital devices. Spend time reading, hiking, or pursuing hobbies that bring you joy.

🏖️ Work-cation: If you must work during your break, consider a work-cation. Go to a peaceful destination and dedicate a few hours each day to work, leaving the rest of the time for relaxation.

💆 Micro-breaks: Incorporate short, rejuvenating breaks into your daily routine. Whether it’s a short walk in nature, a meditation session, or a power nap, these moments can recharge your batteries and provide a different perspective.


Schedule a micro-break this week! Grab your calendar and look for a block of an hour or two and use that time to prioritise your wellbeing. Try some restorative yoga, getting a massage, taking a nap or taking your dog on a hike somewhere you haven’t been lately. Don’t forget to turn off your phone (or at least switch off your notifications)!

Taking regular holidays or breaks isn’t a luxury that you can’t afford; it’s essential for entrepreneurs, especially when you have an ADHD brain. It’s a strategic investment in your wellbeing and business success. By stepping back periodically, you create mental space, recharge your creativity, and enhance your overall productivity. So, don’t wait—start planning your next well-deserved break today.

Your business will thank you for it.

I’ll see you back here next Monday for a new ADHD business tip!

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