If you're the owner of an "adolescent" business, congratulations! 

You've managed to take your idea and turn it into something that has no doubt impacted the lives of many: you, your family, your customers, your employees and the wider community. 

In the meantime though, you might also be losing your mind...

You've grown too big to handle everything yourself, which is great, but it's really hard to find people who will work as hard as you do. 

Mistakes have been made, frustration levels are rising and you've definitely considered running away - or just firing everyone and returning to the simple life you had before! 

But that's not what you really want. 

In our experience what you really want is for things to work the way you imagined:

  • Where you get to do the work you love, while other people do the work you hate (and hopefully they love doing it!). 
  • You want to start to enjoy the lifestyle you've dreamed about, where you work the hours you want and you're finally making a consistent, healthy profit. 
  • You want things in order so you don't have to spend all your time putting out fires. 
  • You want a team that is just as committed to making things work as you always have been. 

Surely that's not too much to ask!?

We agree, it's not too much to ask.

But, it might be too much to do alone, which is why we have developed programs specifically for people just like you and businesses just like yours. 


Next Level You Performance Blueprint

Performance Blueprint

The Next Level You Performance Blueprint is our signature program for growing businesses. It will provide everything you need to get yourself and your team performing at the peak. 

This full service program includes leadership coaching, off-site facilitation & team building, as well as organisational development and workplace coaching.

Become a Next Level Leader

Next Level Leader

Our Next Level Leader Coaching program is designed for business owners who want to increase their impact and build a high-value-creating team (and organisation). 

This program is perfect if you are a skilled technician in your area of expertise but the "management stuff" is not your forte. 

Next Level Leader will grow you into the leader that your business needs you to be to move forward and accelerate your results.

Next Level Leader Intensive

Next Level Leader: VIP Intensive

If you need a leadership makeover pronto, the Next Level Leader VIP Intensive is for you. This 30 day program will quantum leap your leadership mindset and skills so you can repair any damage that might have been done, and get on with growing your business.  

Not sure what you need?

Let's have a chat about your specific situation and goals and see whether we have a program that will fit. 

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