Category: NLY Weekly Unpack

On Goals.

“You should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for.” – Ted Turner Welcome to a new month and this weeks Unpack on goals for high performance! Our quote today is from American media mogul Ted Turner. If you’re like most people you probably have some experience with goals. You might have […]

On Change.

“You need to go from wanting to change your life to deciding to change your life.” – Jen Sincero Welcome to a new week! Our topic this week is change, and this quote from American author and coach Jen Sincero. Changing any part of our life can be extremely challenging and as Sincero points out, wanting […]

On Anger.

“Any person capable of angering you becomes your master.” – Epictetus Welcome to this weeks Unpack. The focus for today is this centuries old quote from Greek Stoic philosopher Epictetus. If you’re familiar with Stoicism, the idea that someone who can cause you to react a certain way has power over you will also be familiar. […]