Re-Finding Joy

Re-Finding Joy

Joy is my middle name!

No, really, it actually is! I love this because it is a great reminder not only to have more of it in my life, but also to be a source of it for others.

So, in this article I wanted to talk about joy and how you can bring it back into your life and business.

Firstly, just what is joy?

The dictionary definition is this:


  1. a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.”tears of joy

I think most of us know that feeling, even if sometimes it’s fleeting. Joy is what makes us smile, makes us laugh, sometimes makes us cry. It gets us through hard times, heals us when we’re broken, and inspires us to do great things.

In my experience coaching business owners, even the joy-lovers like myself often aren’t prioritising it. Usually their business is a source of some joy, or least it was when they started. It was a big part of what drew them in and ultimately made them successful. Much of their joy came from being able to help clients or solve  problems and witnessing the delight or relief that followed. But over time things got busier and busier.

As the demands of a business grow the joy can be squashed by the pressure and stress of trying to get it all done. The relentless chaos and commotion of running a business and family can cause us to neglect the things that make us laugh or bring a smile to our face.

As a consequence, my mission is to live up to my middle name, helping to bring the joy back to the small business owners I serve. It’s a worthwhile pursuit because our world right now could use an injection of joy. The other wonderful thing is that it’s about as contagious as the Omicron variant which means a little goes a long way!

So, what brings you joy? It might take some time to remember if you’ve neglected it for a while.. Spend some time thinking, look through your old photos or ask your loved ones. Then, write a list!

Maybe it’s that first cup of coffee in the morning. Getting outside for a run. Basking in the sunshine. Ice cream. Baking treats. Tending your garden. The beach.  (If you’re stuck for ideas, here is a great list of 40 Ways to Find Joy in Your Everyday Life)

So many things can bring us joy. For me, my greatest source of joy is my young son. Just watching him play brings a smile to my face, and his laugh is so contagious that I try all sorts of things to make it happen. Children are natural joy-seekers, finding it is their prerogative and there is a lot we can learn by observing their methods!

Other joy-inducing things for me include time spent with my family and friends, seeing my clients experiencing wins, sitting down with a cup of tea, walking the beautiful trails by our house, watching a comedy show, learning more about my craft, reading a great book, and definitely eating pasta!

Once you’ve written your joy list, ask yourself how you can bring more joy into your work life. What changes can you make that will create a more joy-filled experience for your clients? How can you have more fun and enjoy yourself more at work?

Answering these questions is a great first step toward re-finding the joy in your small business. If you want more support check out our Next Level Conversations or book your free Intro Call. Remember, I’m on a mission to help rekindle the joy in businesses everywhere and leave business owners refreshed, supported and smiling!

Until next time,

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