Every year thousands of people make the decision to start their own small business but statistics tell us that around 50% will have failed within 2 years. This makes many hesitant to take the leap, and rightly so. Running a business is not the equivalent to being a technical genius in your field of expertise, rather any business owner must be ready and willing to wear many hats. 

Our Ground Level: Business Foundation Program will open your eyes to the realities of small business and help you determine whether it's the right choice for you, before you invest your hard earned capital without a full understanding of the risks involved. 

Ground level

Ground Level: Business Foundation Program

Discover whether your idea has merit AND if you're cut out for the business game!

Level 0.1

Level 0.1 is the first step toward knowing if your business idea has potential. 

Over three 60-75 minute sessions we'll explore:

  • Your Extended DISC behavioural styles and what they mean for you in business
  • Your business idea and what you want out of a business
  • The realities of operating a small business and how to be prepared

Level 0.2

If you've completed Level 0.1 and still want to pursue your business idea you decide to move onto Level 0.2.

Over a further three 75 minute sessions we'll:

  • Undertake a feasibility review
  • Run the numbers and make sure everything adds up
  • Begin developing your Unique Selling Point (USP)
  • Take the first look at what systems you'll need

Not sure what you need?

Let's have a chat about your specific situation and goals and see whether we have a program that will fit. 

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