Become a Next Level Leader

We all have hidden leadership potential.

Have you ever had a boss or leader who was really friendly, but totally disorganised? Or someone who was a fountain of knowledge, but avoided performance reviews like the plague so you never knew where you stood? 

Each of us has strengths and traits that are valuable in leadership roles. Most of us are quite familiar with our key strengths and how they inform our leadership. The challenge often is not only leveraging those strengths, but knowing and understanding exactly where we must improve to get better results, and finding the best strategies to do it. 

But it can be lonely at the top. Difficult to get the valuable feedback you need to move forward.

So how do you get better?

The best leaders are committed learners, always striving for the next level. That doesn't mean they are on a quest to know all there is to know, or that they can't make decisions without every single detail. 

It means they are aware of and able to acknowledge their own development needs and are committed to addressing them for the benefit of both themselves and their organisations. 

They also understand and expect their team members to be on a similar journey. They foster an organisational culture of learning and innovation, underpinned by high levels of trust and alignment.  

Sound idyllic?

Maybe, but it's 100% possible.

How can we help?

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, chances are your personal mindset is impacting on your business success whether you realise it or not. There are myriad ways that you could be sabotaging both your own progress and that of your team. 

We partner with leaders and executives to foster the learning needed in order to develop high value creating teams and organisations. 

There are so many elements to being a good leader and while many will come naturally it's rare to find someone able to consistently perform at a high level across the board. 

Often we look at something like leadership as a skill we need to learn, a series of actions we can be trained to perform.

In reality, growing as a leader is not about learning what to do so much as mastering how to think and who to be.

Our Next Level Leader leadership coaching program will help you uncover the areas in which you’re holding yourself and your business back, starting from the top down, developing both your vision and your new strategies for success. 

But most importantly, you will have someone to walk alongside you as you traverse the unknown.

Is it for me?

If you avoid difficult conversations at all costs, this program is for you. 

If you haven't taken time off in years because your team can't function without you, this program is for you.

If you are growing a team or business and feel like you've reached the limit of your abilities, this program is for you. 

If there are always too many thing to do in a day and your list is never-ending, this program is for you.

If you find yourself frustrated at how difficult it seems to be to get people working efficiently, this program is for you.

If your work life is like Groundhog Day, this program is for you.

If you feel depressed or anxious about a new day of work, this program is for you.

If you should be working less but you're actually working more despite having a team, this program is for you.

If you feel like you can't take a lunch break but you're still not getting anywhere, this program is for you.

If your staff is getting paid, but you are living on whatever is left, this program is for you.

It won't work:

If you aren't willing to learn.

If you think it's everyone else's fault.

If you think it's just a matter of finding better people.

If you aren't coachable.

Need to turn your leadership around lickety split?

Rome wasn't built in a day, and you won't magically become a great leader overnight, but our Next Level Leader VIP Intensive will get you off to a cracking start. 

You'll spend 30 days focused on growing yourself as a leader so you can begin your transformation journey with a quantum leap forward.

Your team will thank you for it!

Are you the leader you thought you would be?

You always knew how to be a great leader.. until you actually became one. 

Now you realise it's not as easy as it looks. People are much trickier than you anticipated, it's hard to get the best out of them. There are so many things you'd never considered until now and you know you can do better. 

But where do you start?

  • Is everyone aligned to your vision and working toward the same goals? 
  • Do things flow seamlessly between team members?
  • Is vulnerability accepted? Are trust levels high?
  • Are you comfortable enough with conflict to ensure you're getting everyones best ideas?
  • Is everyone committed, and accountable for taking action?

There's just so much to consider!

The Problem

You might love a large part of your job, but underneath it you might also be feeling:

  • overwhelmed and overworked
  •  unsupported and alone
  • sick of the constant uncertainty
  • like it's faster to just do it yourself
  • anxiety about how you will manage it all
  • frustrated by what seems like incompetence and indifference from your team
  • like you should be working less but you're actually working more
  • that it should be easier than this!
Over worked and exhausted - Leadership Coaching

One of the hardest things about being a leader is managing your own personal development so you can get out of your own way and get on with the job, but you'd be surprised what a huge impact it can have. 

You, and your ability to effectively lead yourself and your team, could be stopping your business from bringing in an extra 6-7 figures a year.

A million dollars a year?!?

That seems worth doing something about!

Right now you might be here:

Anxious; Frustrated; What now?; Poor results; Is it worth it?

And it's 100% possible to get here:

Calm; Confident; Clarity; Ready; Refreshed

The Solution

The best leaders aren't the ones with all the answers, they're the ones with enough awareness to know their natural style and the behavioural flexibility to move beyond that style when needed. They are aware of both their strengths and their gaps, and they can leverage those strengths and bridge those gaps with intentional, sustainable strategies. 

They have the ability to adapt to situations and the humility to know that they won't get it right every time.

They understand that there are few experiences in life that call on us to learn and grow as relentlessly as being in a leadership role will.

The Program

Our Next Level Leader program is designed to take you from where you are now to who you need to be in order to get the results you crave. It is delivered in three parts, usually over 12 months.

Level 1: Learning You

Session 1:  Getting to know you. We will spend 90 minutes together going deeper into your desire for coaching and what you want to achieve from the process. You’ll answer lots of important questions so we can get a comprehensive view of the current situation. You might find that even during this initial session you learn a lot about yourself.

Post session 1: After consideration and reflection we will present a proposal outlining the purpose and desired outcomes for your coaching journey. This will clearly summarise the changes that you seek and what it will look like to work together. You’ll receive your welcome pack with more information on what to expect and how you will need to contribute to your own learning.

Session 2-4: These first few sessions will be intense in terms of the learning you will experience about yourself - how you are wired energetically, how others see you and how effective you are in your various roles as a leader. Usually this process will include an Extended DISC profile and unpack, a 360-degree review and any other assessments that may be useful.

Sessions 5-6: We will continue your personal learning process, ensuring the progression is not rushed or surface level. You will develop deeper insight into yourself, your motivations, strengths, gaps and beliefs (including those that limit you).   

During this time, we will formulate a Leadership Development Plan to grow your capabilities over the coming months.

Level 2: Learning Others

Sessions 7-12:  In these sessions we will switch the focus to learning more about those around you. This includes your team members, supervisors, colleagues, clients and other stakeholders. You will gain new understanding of how they behave and how you can best work alongside them to achieve brilliant results together. You will continue to develop your awareness of yourself in relation to others as well as an appreciation for others strengths and contributions.

Level 3: Learning Leadership Skills

Session 13 onward: We now turn our focus back to your Leadership Development Plan and ensuring you progress toward your goals. Each session will see you sharing your progress, reflecting on any new insights and limits you might have met. We will spend time exploring what is happening from both your perspective and others involved, creating new action steps and re-focusing where needed. You will learn to reframe your biggest challenges and see how they are contributing to your growth as a learning leader.

The recommended length of the Next Level Leader program is 12 months. This may be shortened if you have completed the VIP Intensive.

And then..?

Following the program completion, we recommend taking a break. This will allow you time to fully integrate your learning into your work and then assess the results. We will schedule follow up sessions one, three and six months after completion. These sessions will provide an opportunity for you to unpack your learnings and share new insights. We will work together to address anything that isn’t working well and adjust course as necessary.  

You are also welcome to continue regular coaching if preferred, on a monthly retainer.

What you get:

  • 12 months of coaching (fortnightly, one hour sessions)
  • Welcome pack
  • Support between sessions via email & Voxxer
  • Extended DISC Assessment & Unpack
  • 360 Degree Review (up to 10 participants)
  • Access to our online portal 
  • Recommendations for resources, exercises and practices to support your journey

Ready to take the first step toward the next level you?

Complete the short form below to tell us a bit more about what you’re dealing with right now, and what you’d hope to get from the program. Alternatively if you’re ready to get on a call, book directly here: Book a Chat

12 month engagement from $850 per month (ex GST).

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