Examples of Random Acts of Kindness To Inspire You

7 Days of Next Level Kindness

Welcome to Day 2 of our 7 Days of Next Level Kindness Series.

Performing random acts of kindness may be new to you, so it’s possible you have no idea how to begin. That’s okay. Coming up with ideas can be tough. That’s why today’s blog post is packed full of things you can do to make someone else’s day a little brighter. Some of the activities will cost you nothing and take only a moment of your time. Others will be more in-depth. Choose whatever fits your comfort (and lockdown) level.

Enjoy these COVID-safe examples of random acts of kindness to inspire you:

  • Call to check on an elderly neighbour or family member.
  • Send a get-well card to someone, or even just a card for no reason whatsoever.
  • Smile at someone on the street, even if you’re wearing a mask!
  • Text someone something to make them laugh.
  • Ask for donations to your favorite charity instead of presents for your birthday.
  • Give an unsolicited compliment.
  • Leave a 5-star review for a local business you love.
  • Write a letter, the old fashioned way!
  • Connect with a neighbour with a chat from the other side of the street.
  • Give your UberEats driver an extra generous tip.
  • Send a note of thanks to someone who’s made a big difference in your life.
  • Let the manager of the store know when a team member gives you exceptional service.
  • Pay for the person behind you in line at the drive thru.
  • Donate to those working on the front line.
  • Let someone special know how much you appreciate them.
  • Send a JibJab or e-card.
  • Say thank you.
  • Offer to teach something you know well virtually to someone.
  • If you have kids they may like to participate by distributing their artwork to neighbours.
  • Send a virtual hug GIF to someone you’d like to hug in real life.
  • Take the time to listen without judgement to someone who is having a bad day.
  • Offer to (virtually) mentor a young person entering your profession.
  • Send someone a bunch of flowers just to brighten their day.
  • Host a watch party with an isolated friend.
  • Raise money for a good cause.

If you have more freedom where you live, some of the following might also be options:

  • Tape change to a parking meter or vending machine.
  • Leave kind notes in the dressing room to encourage body positivity.
  • Offer to babysit for parents who really need a night away or to help with the nightly feedings for a new mother friend.
  • Donate your old (but still decent) clothes to charity.
  • Clean up rubbish in your neighborhood or at your favorite outdoor recreation spot like a park or beach.
  • Hold the door open for the person behind you whose hands are full.
  • Mow an elderly neighbour’s lawn or pull weeds in their garden.

Hopefully, this quick list will inspire you to begin sharing random acts of kindness with those around you. Pick one from the list or come up with an idea of your own, then just do it. See how you feel. Chances are you’ll be ready to do another one tomorrow.

About this series: Next Level You is a Melbourne based business and now operating under extremely strict lockdown restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have committed to provide what we hope will be helpful content to our local audience as we navigate this change and upheaval. 7 Days of Next Level Kindness is the third in a series that will last for 5 weeks.

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