On Change.


“You need to go from wanting to change your life to deciding to change your life.”

– Jen Sincero

Welcome to a new week!

Our topic this week is change, and this quote from American author and coach Jen Sincero.

Changing any part of our life can be extremely challenging and as Sincero points out, wanting it isn’t really enough. We have to make a conscious decision to change before we can go any further.

So what exactly does it take to change?

There are five key elements that need to be present for sustainable change to happen:

1. A reason. What is the reason for the change you want to make? Is there a reason? Is it convincing and logical?

2. A desire. What is the reward or punishment for making the change? What are the consequences of changing or not changing? How badly do you really want it?

3. A commitment. Are you ready to make a change? What needs to happen first? How will you stay accountable to your commitment?

4. A way. How will you make the change? If you don’t know how, what are the first steps to finding out? It’s normal not to know the way, otherwise we would probably already be doing it, but don’t let it be an excuse.

5. The support. What support is available to you? Who are your “balcony people”, the ones who affirm you and cheer you on? Who should you avoid during the process (the basement people)? How can you control your inner critic?

it’s also important to have a belief that you can make the change/s you want to make.

Remember, lasting change is unlikely to happen overnight and if we are expecting that we are likely to be discouraged and our self-belief will waiver. We might even decide to give up prematurely. The Cycle of Change shows us that there are distinct stages in the change process and further research has found that on average people who have made sustained, successful change have made 8-12 unsuccessful attempts first. So keep at it!

What can you do now (in the next 24 hours) to start the change process?

Have a lovely week.

Jen x

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