On Goals.


“You should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for.”

– Ted Turner

Welcome to a new month and this weeks Unpack on goals for high performance! Our quote today is from American media mogul Ted Turner.

If you’re like most people you probably have some experience with goals. You might have even set them for yourself at various times in your life. It’s funny to admit as a coach, but I’ve never been that big on goals. I think they definitely have their place, and if you are serious about achieving something they’re essential, but I also think goals can sometimes distract us from the “being” part of life as they are so concerned with the “doing”.

Nonetheless, if you want to set them, it makes sense to create goals that are likely to activate high performance, otherwise, why bother?

So what are the keys to a winning goal?

In their research in the 1960’s Professor Edwin Locke and Professor Gary Latham made some significant discoveries in relation to goal setting. They found that goals that are both specific and difficult lead to the highest performance. When these factors are present, commitment to the goal is most critical.

But how do you get that commitment?

Locke and Latham found that high commitment is attained when the goal setter is convinced that the goal is both important, and attainable. If you don’t feel that your goal is important, you’re unlikely to work hard toward achieving it, and likewise, if you believe it’s beyond your capability you probably won’t take the necessary steps to make it happen.

So difficult, yet attainable. Easy right? Maybe not, but it definitely makes sense to spend some extra time in your goal setting process to consider what might get in the way of you feeling like the goal is attainable. Do you need extra training or support? Additional equipment? More time? etc. Brainstorm potential issues and solutions so you can feel as prepared as possible to leave your comfort zone.

You can also use the other elements above to plan your goal for maximum success. Run it through these filters:

1. Is it specific enough? It should give measurable figures and a deadline.

2. Is it going to stretch me?

3. Why is it important? Why else? Keep asking this until you have 50+ reasons for a big goal.

Will you be setting new goals this month?


Have a wonderful week.


Jen x

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