On Having a Closed Mind.


“The most expensive thing you can own is a closed mind.”

– Mike Chavez

Welcome to this week’s Unpack. Our topic today is this quote attributed to Mike Chavez (although I can’t find an actual source so not sure where his name came from!).

Have you ever considered the cost of having a closed mind?

Experiences you might have missed out on, people you never spoke to, foods you never tried, opportunities you never pursued – all because they were beyond your comfort zone?

I spent my life until my late 20s thinking people who ate sushi were insane! It wasn’t until my boyfriend at the time really encouraged me to give it a go that I discovered that the sushi eaters were onto something. I’ve made sure my son didn’t suffer the same fate! 😉

If you are closed off to new things, preferring “the devil you know” you could be missing out on so many of the great things life has to offer – deeper, more fulfilling relationships, amazing business or career opportunities, travel to new destinations, learning about how others see the world etc. And beyond missing out on the things you’ve not had, it may also cost you what you already have and perhaps even love.

So what causes a mind to be closed? Often it’s our beliefs, which are usually formed during our upbringing and then not always questioned in adulthood. Our education, experiences and family environment are all contributors to how we view the world and how we think it should operate. When we grow up and continue to carry these same beliefs without stopping to examine them more closely and decide whether they still work for us, we are in danger of being closed off to new ideas and possibilities.

When we resist change, make excuses, stereotype, blame others or remain in denial we are choosing to keep a closed mind, consciously or not. When we look closer we will likely see that something is butting up against a belief we hold about how things should be, and our reaction is us trying to avoid the discomfort of questioning that belief.

But at what cost?

We all likely have areas in our lives where we could be more open minded. The next time you find yourself sticking to a long held belief, take a minute and ask some simple questions:

– Where did this belief come from?

– How is it serving me today?

– How is it not serving me today?

– What could I be missing?

We might not have all of the answers to these questions (especially the last one), which is a great sign – it means we’re about to learn something!

How can you open your mind a little more this month?

Have a wonderful week!

Jen x

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