On Patience.


“Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.”

– Saadi

Happy Mothers Day!

Today’s quote is from Persian poet Saadi Shirazi.

Have you ever been frustrated trying to learn something new or stretch yourself? I think the vast majority of us have experienced this, and seeing other people who are already accomplished at what we want to do can make us even more impatient to see results.

What if you could skip straight to the result you want, Matrix style? Just upload the new skill and away you go. Would you do it?

It would definitely be tempting! But bear in mind everything that we uncover about ourselves during the process of learning. If you skip straight to the result you would have to skip all the wisdom and strength you gain along the way.

I like to think that there’s a reason that it takes time to learn or reach a new level and perhaps it’s as simple as our brains not being able to cope with the massive re-wiring necessary to jump 10 leaps ahead in one go. We need to do things slowly to refine our skills so that we are ready for what’s next.

The biggest issue here isn’t even necessarily patience. It’s expectation. As a baby we never expected to just get up and run one day. We accepted that there was a process to learning to walk, probably starting with cruising around furniture, then holding someone’s hand to walk, then gingerly taking a first step and then another. In the process we undoubtedly fell over hundreds of times, but yet we always got back on our feet.

Adjusting our expectations is the easiest way to manifest patience for the things that have yet to materialise in our lives. If we expect that it will take several years (or 10,000 hours) to master a craft, we will find it easier to sustain our efforts over the long term. Likewise if we expect it will take several months of consistent gym work to build the strength to do a pull up (or in my case possibly years! ;)) we can keep at it. We might still experience moments of impatience, but that is just a signal to readjust our expectations and press on.

This is also incredibly relevant for parents, particularly those with small children. Raising children is labour intensive work and it can take us away from other things that are also important to us. But again, if we can keep our expectations in check, and our values front of mind, we can release our desire to get it all done at once, and just enjoy the present moment.

Are there areas in your life where you are struggling with being patient? How can you adjust your expectations accordingly this week?

Jen x

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