On Pride & Humility.


Some people would rather die in their pride, than live in their humility.
– Anthony Liccione.

Welcome to our weekly unpack, I trust the past week has been one of meaning for you.

This week’s topic is the quote above on pride and humility from author Anthony Liccione.

In a recent session with a client, let’s call him Phil*, I had asked what was stopping him from taking a particular action. His response – pride. Phil thought that taking steps to mend a fractured relationship would put him “beneath” the other person and he felt that he was too proud to do what needed to be done. I asked how that was working for him.

When we unpacked this some more he discovered that this relationship wasn’t the only area of his life where pride was holding him back from getting what he truly wanted.

Pride is a funny thing, we never really notice how it affects us unless we take the time to consider whether it’s getting us the results we crave. If we have too much we may not risk making a mistake, trying something new, apologising or admitting to wrongdoing. Instead we are likely to focus outward and start to blame others or play the victim. We let our ego get in the way of our growth and learning.

If you’ve read any work by Brené Brown you’ll know that she’s discovered that the people who get the most out of life are those who can be vulnerable. Pride and ego do not facilitate any degree of vulnerability, rather they restrict us and hold us back from experiencing meaning and getting what we truly want.

How might pride be limiting you? Does your ego stand between you and the important relationships in your life? Is it getting in the way of joy you might otherwise be experiencing?

Take some time this week to reflect on where you might be avoiding learning or growth, perhaps by blaming, or by pretending (or assuming) you have all the answers. Consider how you might invite more humility into your life to foster stronger relationships and personal growth.

You’ll be pleased to know that by the conclusion of our session, Phil decided his pride wasn’t actually working for him, and he was ready to take the first step toward repairing his relationship. <3

Make this an amazing week.

Until next time,

Jen x

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*name has been changed & content used with permission.