On Sacrifice.


“Great success requires greater sacrifice.”

– Sachin Prabhu

Welcome to this week’s Unpack. Our topic today is this quote on sacrifice, attributed to Sachin Prabhu.

What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve what you want?

For many of us, the answer is “not much”. We are content to spend our time and money on things that make us comfortable, that make our life “easy” – a Netflix subscription, Uber eats delivery etc. We are loathe to give up the things that make life enjoyable, on the surface.

But what if you gave up the things that are keeping you comfortable? What would you have to let go of? Convenience? Addictions? Certain people?

The thing is, “great success”, whatever that looks like to you, almost always requires clarity and focus to achieve, which mean we need to be selective about what we give our time and attention to. Of course, this means making sacrifices and letting go of the non-essential.

A great example is losing weight. To be successful generally requires giving up certain foods that you enjoy but that have perhaps led to the weight gain. Or, it might mean sacrificing couch time to go for a walk or get to the gym. Either way it requires a change in behaviour and mindset and giving something up. Sometimes that “something” is really hard to let go of which is why the desire for change/success is so important!

At the end of the day, your willingness to give up what is standing between you and what you want determines your level of success.

So, I ask again, what are you willing to sacrifice?

Have a great week!


Jen x


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