On Taking Responsibility.


“Whatever happens, take responsibility.”

 – Tony Robbins

Welcome to this week’s unpack where we’re diving a bit deeper into the concept of responsibility.

Now let’s be honest, most of us are happy to take responsibility for the aspects of our lives that are going well. We might have lovely, well behaved children, a great marriage or an amazing career trajectory, and of course we want to take credit for our hard work.

But what about when things don’t go the way we want? Often we look for someone to take the fall, someone we can blame so we don’t have to point the finger at ourselves. In a struggling marriage you might blame your spouse for not doing what you want while overlooking the choices you have made – like not setting clear boundaries, getting angry instead of getting curious, accepting behaviour that isn’t ok with you – as well as choices you could make – like changing your perspective, learning better communication skills or deciding to exit the relationship altogether.

By not taking responsibility when we need to, we hand the power to change the situation over to someone else. And they might not have any vested interest in making things better for us.

Many self-help gurus will state that in taking 100% responsibility you acknowledge that you create whatever happens to you, and you cause all of your experiences. I’m not 100% convinced of this, but I do know that in order to find true freedom we absolutely must take full responsibility for how we respond to any given situation and not succumb to victimhood. When you can reframe any circumstance in your life as an opportunity for growth, you are on the path to the next level you.

Would you rather be the victim, or the victor?

Are there areas in your life where you’ve been avoiding taking responsibility?

What small action can you take this week to change that?

See you next Sunday,

Jen x

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