On Values.


It is not what we choose that is important; it is the reason we choose it.
 – Caroline Myss

I hope the past week has been kind to you.

This week’s topic is courtesy of American author Caroline Myss.

With the multitude of choices we face every day it can be hard to know if we’re making the right decisions. Some of us make decisions easily, quickly able to determine if something will help us get a particular outcome, while others will avoid making decisions unless absolutely necessary. Neither way is better or worse, it just comes down to our individual wiring (but we can train ourselves to make quicker decisions if that’s a goal).

So how can we be confident in our choices?

The key is to know the reason, as Caroline asserts. When we have a strong awareness of our highest values, we can link anything and everything back to our fulfilling them. For example, if you highly value spending time with your children, making a decision to work part-time while they’re young makes perfect sense. But if you value making money or financial freedom more highly, deciding to work part-time could be a miss. As you can see, neither is right or wrong, it’s just about what you value more.

Do you know what your highest values are? Your life likely reflects what they have been til now, whether conscious or not. The good news is that you can change your values at any point to get you where you want to be. John Demartini has written a fantastic book called The Values Factor which I recommend to all my clients. It goes into great depth and can help you determine what your values currently are and how you can change them to get you where you want to go in any area of your life.

**You can get the book here: The Values Factor by John Demartini**

I love the (12 hour long!) Audible version, I have listened to it multiple times and always pick up something new.

If you have made a “bad” decision in the past, reflect on it based on what you value, or valued at the time. You will likely find that the choice you made did align with your values at that point, but perhaps those were unconscious values or those that no longer have a place in your life.

Can you commit to uncovering the values that will create the life you want and making your future choices consciously from that place?

Make the most of this week.

Until next time,

Jen x

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