Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. 

- John Wooden

Have you noticed the doom and gloom headlines dominating the media landscape lately?

Rising interest rates! House prices to plummet!

War rages in Ukraine!

Covid cases worsening! Most dangerous flu season in years!

Inflation nightmare to worsen! $10 lettuce! 

Stock market tumbles! Hard times ahead!

If you’re like a growing number of people you might have just switched off the news altogether - I know I have. 

But these messages are hard to avoid completely.. Not only do they seem to be everywhere you look but the same topics inevitably come up in your daily conversations and it can be almost impossible to not let the worry seep in.. 

When you’re a sole trader or small business owner these things can create extra stress because you’re not just thinking about how to get yourself or your family through a downturn or hard patch, you’re also thinking about whether your business will survive, how you’ll keep things going, how you’ll pay your team if things drop off.. the list goes on.. and on.. 

The uncertainty can be exhausting, even paralysing. 

Frankly, I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to crawl under the covers and wait until it’s all over and things are looking up again.

But I know you wouldn’t be here reading this if that was your style. 

You want to weather this storm like a pro and maybe even come out stronger on the other side. 

That’s where I come in. 

Jen is like a therapist for your work life!

- emily r

I want to help you feel confident and unflustered by all the stuff happening out there *waves arms around wildly* so you can get on with the stuff you do best. 

As a business owner stress might feel comfortable and familiar but we know it’s not what you do best! 

I want to get you focused on the tangible and practical steps you can take now to make sure your business is still here this time next year. 

As a coach to small business owners I hear and see this theme of uncertainty and worry about the future lurking in the background for my clients. I see how this stuff is creating added stress and anxiety that invariably affects not just the business but the families and relationships beyond it too. 

We’ve just dealt with two years of pandemic upheaval and I see business owners who are tired, running on an empty tank and - if they’re honest - on the brink of burnout. 

And I want better. 

I want more for you and more for your business. I want more for your family and loved ones, and more for the community your business serves. 

I want stressed out small business owners to have some relief -  time out to regroup, reset and ready themselves for the new challenges ahead.

I know that when facing challenges the businesses that fare best are the ones who prepare best. 

I want that for you.    

You and your business deserve that kind of support and the opportunity to lay solid foundations for an uncertain future. And there’s rarely been a time when it’s been this important.


There’s way more to cover here than we can fit into the 1 hour consults I normally do. 

This is “2-day workshop” level stuff, which would ordinarily be fine, but a workshop with 20 other people from 20 different businesses, by necessity, would be far more general in nature. It wouldn’t give you what you really need, which is ideas, answers and strategies specific to your business, your needs and you. 

How you prepare for this period of uncertainty will be totally individual, and it needs to be -  the last thing you want is to be worrying about what your competitors are doing and hustling to keep up with them. You need your own plan based on the current realities and most valuable attributes of your business, not something generic that may or may not be useful or even actionable. 

Plus, who has 2 days to spare right now? 

That’s why I’ve developed the Prep for Profit Day

The Prep for Profit Day is a unique opportunity to step away from working IN your business for a day and to work ON it with 1:1 support, tailored to your specific needs. It will provide the time and space you need to prepare yourself and your business for the coming year so you can put the stress and anxiety in the bin where they belong. 

Over 4-5 hours we will spend ample time exploring*:

  • Additional revenue streams;

  • Untapped market opportunities;

  • Your points of difference in the market;

  • Your adaptable pricing structure;

  • Product / service tweaks;

  • How you can leverage customer feedback;

  • Areas where you can systemise and/or reduce costs;

  • How you can make the most of a trading lull; 

  • How to establish or reinforce a solid support system; and,

  • Your mindset for success.

And we’ll eat some food, because nobody has their best ideas on an empty stomach!

For more detail on these areas check out the FAQs below

What you can expect

You can expect to walk away with: 

  • A solid strategy and plan of action unique to you and your business. 

  • Clarity on how you can survive, and even thrive, during a downturn.

  • A laser-like focus on the things you can control and influence.

  • Certainty on your competitive advantage and how best to leverage it.

  • Practical tips & resources to keep your business moving through difficult times.

  • Confidence that you’re well prepared for whatever is around the corner.

  • A level head & a full tummy 😉

Jen was fantastic at unpacking how I was feeling and what was holding me back.  I left the session with a plan of action and a renewed sense of hopefulness in the possibilities of the future.  

Cannot thank her enough.  She is utterly professional and helps you to dig deep with a perfect blend of questioning, listening and suggesting.

- Alissa W

Is this for me?

The Prep for Profit Day is perfect for you if: 

  • You’re a sole trader or small business operator;
  • You’re kinda nervous about what lies ahead for your business;
  • You know that it’s possible for a business to survive (and grow!) even in periods of economic uncertainty;
  • You want to take action but you’re not quite sure what to do;
  • You want to ensure that you’re focused on the right stuff;
  • You know it will be easier to work out your plan with a little help;
  • You’re open to lots of possibilities;
  • You like food! 😋

What are the specifics?

Here’s exactly what the Prep for Profit Day includes:

  • Pre-session questionnaire - so I can come fully prepared with knowledge of your business and individual situation

  • Up to 5 hours of 1:1 coaching, consulting & collaboration time with me on the day

  • Workbook to record anything you need to remember

  • Catered lunch and snacks 

  • 30 min follow up support call - phone/Zoom

Yarra Valley (details provided upon booking)

10am-3pm on the date of your choice (subject to availability)

$850 + GST paid upon booking confirmation

Jen has a fabulous approach to help you get clarity over your goals and address your roadblocks to support you in achieving success! It's made a big difference to me!

- ann s

Why is it so cheap?

I might be nuts tbh.. 🤪 This is around half of what it would normally cost to do a VIP day like this with me, but I genuinely want to help as many sole operators and small business owners as I can to feel more confident about what lies ahead. I don’t want a high cost to limit participation, knowing that there are plenty of businesses out there already feeling the pinch right now. 

There are a limited number of spaces available (simply because time..!) and I’d prefer to fill them with business owners who will get the most value, rather than only helping those with fat bank accounts! 

I need this, but I can’t afford it..

So here’s the thing.. I’ve been there too. That spot where things are looking pretty tight and something pops up that sounds great but the investment just feels like too much of a stretch. And I’m not going to tell you that I always just jumped in and did it anyway - because that would be a lie! 😉 Sometimes I have taken a leap, and other times I’ve found a different solution, or waited until my cash flow was better. Things turned out ok either way. 

I want you to trust that things will turn out ok either way for you too. If you decide to take that leap I know that you’ll see a return on your investment that is probably way bigger than you can even conceive of right now. That’s why it’s called an investment rather than just a cost - having invested $850 you could walk away from a Prep for Profit Day with insights and ideas that will easily net you 10 times - even 100 times (🤯) your initial investment. Remember, this is 5.5 hours of 1:1 time devoted to nurturing your business and making the preparations that you need to get through the next 12-18 months with less stress and more peace. You don’t have to try and figure out on your own what areas to look at, what questions to ask or what to do next, you just have to come along with your thinking cap and be open to co-creating something great. 

Whether you feel that’s worth the leap or not is up to you, but just know that whatever decision you make will be the right one.

All that said, if you’re struggling to make ends meet already and a full day is out of the question just give me a call and I’ll be happy to see what we can do with the budget you have. My goal here is to help as many businesses as I can so definitely don’t be afraid to ask what might be possible!  

The guidance we have received from Jen has not only helped us improve our business performance but also improved our team relationships.

Now that I have a business coach I do not know how anyone could function without one. It's like oil for an engine and Jen is the premium oil too.

- wesley s

Ok, how do I book?

Bookings for the Prep for Profit Day are by application only, and not because I want to be fancy and exclusive or make you feel like you have to be somehow worthy of working with me!  

The truth is that I’m really not interested in working with business owners that I can’t help. My work is not one-size fits all and I know I’m better equipped to add huge value to some businesses and not as much to others. I am not driven to take your hard earned money if I can’t provide the results that you expect and deserve, it’s just not my style. 

This simply means that before booking your Prep for Profit Day I ask that you complete a short application form (4 questions + contact deets) so I can quickly and easily determine whether I can deliver a satisfactory return on your investment of time and money - my target is typically 20x. We can also do this over the phone if you hate online forms! ☺️

If you apply and I don’t think I can deliver this return I promise to do my absolute best to refer you to someone else in my network who might be better placed to help you.

If that all sounds reasonable and you’re ready to go, let’s get on with this.

If you’ve got more questions, check out the FAQs below and hopefully you’ll find your answers - if not, just email me at or call 03 8538 1185 and I’ll be happy to help.


Who the heck are you & can you really help me with this stuff?

Jen Riseborough photo

If we haven’t met - Hi, I’m Jen, coach & collaborator to small business owners! I’m a certified organisational & team coach and my favourite thing to do is to help people reach their next level - in fact I’ve been wired that way since I was a kid! 

After doing some general coach training and practising for a few years helping individuals I turned my sights to the business world. This offered opportunities to undertake more specialist training and to make better use of my business degree and former life as a marketing manager. I’m passionate about helping busy small business owners access the practical support they need in a way that's both affordable and easy.

I want to help you do what you came here for, and have some fun while you do it! 

Before becoming a coach I gained a wealth of valuable experience in both the public and private sectors. That experience includes:

  • working with major supermarkets and developing product category plans;
  • successfully pitching multiple ideas to retailers that were profit game-changers; 
  • rebranding a multimillion dollar business for under $5k;
  • working on the organising team for Australia's largest indoor event;
  • selling and delivering on many 5-figure contracts;
  • working with low budgets that required creativity and ingenuity; 
  • developing and testing new products;
  • coordinating sponsorship of a television series; and, 
  • designing unique point of sale packaging that was awarded a Design Registration from IP Australia. 

I’ve always been a problem solver and an idea generator, in fact I was once hired by a business primarily because I was solution-focused and they already had an abundance of problem-oriented folk on staff! These traits, along with an insatiable curiosity and love of learning, are what makes collaborating with small businesses the perfect line of work for me. I grew up as one of five kids in a single income household which I credit with teaching me both resourcefulness and resilience (as well as a great ability to DIY!). I’m also a (solo) parent to a talented tween who teaches me new things every day! 🤯

You can read more about me and Next Level You here: 

How much preparation will I need to do?

At a guess, between 45-90 minutes.

Prior to your Prep for Profit Day you’ll be asked to complete an intake form so that I can properly prepare for our time together. This is where you’ll provide some more in depth information about your business and goals, how you operate, your existing systems, your biggest challenges and your financial situation (as much as you feel comfortable disclosing). You can also share things that you’ve tried previously or ideas that you have but haven’t taken action on yet. I’ll also ask you to rank the discussion topics from most to least important to make sure we allow ample time for your highest priority areas. 

We’ll probably also talk on the phone (or Zoom) for a bit so I can ask questions or just get to know you a little better before we meet in person. I’d allow 30-60 minutes total for this prep time. 

Right before your Prep for Profit session you’ll need to get together anything you want to bring along on the day. This might include your products, marketing collateral, current financials, price lists, half-completed projects, customer feedback and anything else you think might be helpful (obvs don’t forget your thinking cap!). This might mean just grabbing your laptop or it could be more involved depending on what you want to bring. I’d allow 15-30 minutes.   

Will I be able to afford to implement the ideas that we generate?

Of course, that’s absolutely the plan! 

My goal is not to help you find unfeasible solutions to your problems, that would be a waste of time for both of us. Rather, my primary objective with the Prep for Profit Day is to help you tap into your inner resourcefulness and find the most efficient and effective strategies to meet your current challenges. 

I myself have tons of helpful & low cost business resources up my sleeve as well as a special ability to get things done on a shoestring budget! I grew up as the youngest of five kids in a single income family which, as it turns out, is the exact kind of environment that breeds not only creativity and ingenuity but an appreciation for how far a dollar can really go when things get tight.  

If you can afford to hire out particular projects or throw money at high-end solutions that’s fantastic. We’ll certainly explore options like that when possible, and we’ll look at ways to generate extra income to cover bigger investments you might want to make. It’s not my expectation however that you’ll have that capability coming into the Prep for Profit Day so you can rest assured that your budget and capacity to implement will be top of mind.   

Can you provide more details on the content?

When it comes to the content it will be driven by you and your current needs. I’ve put together a list of ten areas that business owners generally find helpful to explore based on my experience and observation. These are also topics that generate the most practical and useful insights when things are more challenging than usual. 

Just prior to your Prep for Profit Day you’ll be asked to rank these areas in the order of importance for your business right now. This is to ensure that we allocate enough time to the most significant and pressing issues you’re currently experiencing or anticipating. 

Additional revenue streams: this is exploring new ways to generate income that you may not have thought about before. This can include passive income, lower or higher ticket offers or packaging your expertise in a new way etc. 

Untapped market opportunities: this is where we look for opportunities beyond the usual spaces where you currently operate. For example, this could be focusing on emerging or adjacent markets, expanding online or tweaking your offers to suit an entirely new clientele.

Your points of difference in the market: we’ll get clear on what sets you apart from your competitors and how to capitalise on those differences.

Your adaptable pricing structure: we’ll examine your existing pricing structure and explore how you might make it more flexible and practical to suit the current market conditions so you can minimise cash flow challenges and maximise customer retention.  

Product / service tweaks: here’s where we’ll review your current product/service offerings and identify cost-effective opportunities to add additional value and uplevel your customer experience. 

How you can leverage customer feedback: what your customers have to say is more valuable than you might think. We will look at how you can collect and take advantage of both good and “bad” feedback as you move forward. 

Areas where you can systemise and/or reduce costs: this is where we’ll determine how you might reduce overheads and identify opportunities for systemisation and/or automation in your present operations.

How you can make the most of a trading lull: it can be easy to fritter away the days when you’re in a quiet patch but it can also provide the perfect chance to get some long neglected things done. We’ll find the best ways for you to fully exploit times like this if/when they come. 

How to establish or reinforce a solid support system: having a support system you can rely on when things are tougher than usual is extremely beneficial. We will look at what resources you’ve got available right now, what you might need to add and how (& who) you can ask for help when you need it.

Your mindset for success: all the strategy in the world won’t get you the results you want if you’re in the wrong headspace. We’ll talk about where you’re at right now and see what critical steps you can take to ensure your head-stuff won’t hold you back.

That sounds like a lot 😳 are there any breaks?

Of course! I’m not expecting you to sit still and stay focused on just this stuff for 5 hours straight.. I definitely can’t do that myself! That said, there isn’t a strict schedule to work around either because I know everyone works in different ways. I’ll be guided by you when it comes to taking time out across the day so you can bring your best. We can talk and work through lunch/snacks or take some time apart. We can even shoot some pool (fair warning I’m pretty terrible at this 😬) or take a walk outside (weather depending! 🌦), whatever keeps your creative juices flowing.   

What happens after the big day?

When you leave your Prep for Profit Day you will have a clear idea of what your next steps are but it will be up to you to get started on them and do the actual work. You’ll also walk away knowing who you can call on those days when you need a little more encouragement or reassurance.  

A week or two after we meet we’ll check in via a 30 minute phone/Zoom call to make sure you’re making progress and to work through any roadblocks that might have popped up. This is also an opportunity to ask any questions or get clarification in areas where you’re feeling unclear. 

Once we’re done you might decide that ongoing coaching support would be helpful and I’ll be happy to walk you through the options available for that. 

Any promises or guarantees?

Heaps.. here are the main ones:

I promise I’ll be upfront if I don’t think I can provide an adequate return on your investment.

I promise to show up on the day as prepared as possible and ready to make magic together.

I promise that you’ll get out what you put into your Prep for Profit Day.

I promise you’ll walk away inspired, with a stack of implementable ideas specific to your business.

I promise that while I’ll be taking it seriously, it definitely won’t be boring and tedious. 

I promise there are things you can start doing right now that you have never even considered.

I promise that preparation is your key to success in uncertain times.

I promise not to waste your precious time pitching to you, this is about your business, not mine.

I promise that if you are unhappy with the Prep for Profit Day I’ll do what I can to make it right.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes. You're welcome to pay for your Prep for Profit Day in two instalments prior to your session. Just let me know if you'd like to take up this option.

What happens after I apply?

After you've submitted your application form I'll be in touch, usually within 1 business day. After I've determined that I can provide great value to your business you'll receive a link to book your Prep for Profit Day and finalise your payment.. 

Please note, your place is not guaranteed until payment is made. 

Can I speak with someone before I sign up?

Of course! I'm more than happy to talk you through the Prep for Profit Day and what you can expect. You can call 03 8538 1185 during business hours, or alternatively submit the application form and I'll call you to discuss things further. 

If that answers your most burning questions and you’re ready to go, let’s do this!