"you've helped me transform myself into the best version of me!"

A mastermind program for the self-employed entrepreneur with a big vision.

Great news!

You don't have to do it all yourself! 

The Uplevel Your Biz Mastermind Program is a business accelerator program that can take you from where you are now to where you really want to be (or where you thought you might be by now). 

We're ready to support you with group and 1:1 coaching, trainings and accountability.

You can meet real people, and make real connections, rather than having to fight for attention in larger group programs.

"I'm on track and excited!"

Can we get real for a minute?

Like most of our clients you're probably here because you wish things were different..

Let's be honest.. starting and running a business is a HUGE job. Suddenly you're not just responsible for your area of expertise but also sales, marketing, financial management, networking, admin, project management, problem solving, delegation.. the list of different hats you wear goes on.. and on!

And not only are many of those things generally hard to figure out, but you're all on your own with nobody to run new ideas past, or ask simple questions.

It's probably gotten so bad that on more than one occasion you've thought about throwing in the towel completely. 

You wonder why on earth you are pursuing this dream when it's so hard. Sure there are parts that you love, but there are so many other unexpected, and even unwelcome, parts that you didn't sign up for. 

But have you quit?

Heck no!

Because you're determined and you know you can make this work if you can just get a few key things to fall into place.

That's where we come in. Perhaps this is just the thing to bring it all together.

The Uplevel Your Biz mastermind program is starting in June and limited spaces are available.  

"Now that I have a coach, I don't know how anyone could function without one. "

Some Aussie Business Stats:

  • The majority of Australian businesses (62%) are sole traders with no employees.
  • Survival of non-employing businesses over four years is 59.6%.
  • There has been a significant decline in innovation in small businesses from 80% in 2014, down to 62.8% in 2016.
  • The greatest barrier to innovation faced by micro and small businesses is access to funds (23.3%) with lack of skills a close second (22.6%).
  • Micro business owners are time poor, generally not tax literate and often have limited business acumen – but they have a lot of passion!
  • 66.7% of micro businesses have no strategic plan.
  • Almost 60% of micro businesses do not monitor any KPIs.

These statistics don't have to tell YOUR story!

You can mastermind your way to a successful business that looks just the way you want it to. 

What will it take?

If you've ever wondered what you'll need to scale your business beyond where you are now, here's the answer: 


You must develop and maintain a healthy mindset, bounce back quickly from failure and see everything as an opportunity for growth.

practical support

You need people on your cheer squad to be there when things get tough. To provide feedback and accountability, and teach you what you don't know.  


The broader your network, the further your reach. Close business contacts give you more referral opportunities - for clients, suppliers and other service providers. 

systems & Structure

You need the systems and structures to manage yourself and your business in efficient and effective ways. If you plan to grow beyond just you, these will be a vital ingredient to your success.

The absence of any of these four elements in your business will hold you back from levelling up and growing your business into something that works for you well into the future (without you doing ALL the work!). 

If you've ever felt like you could do more if you just had more time or more focus..

Make 2022 the year to discover and realise your true potential.

This program is for people just like you, working hard on a business but ready for more:

  • More income.
  • More clients that you love.
  • More opportunities.
  • More confidence.
  • More results.
  • More freedom!

"I'm more focused than ever!"

What exactly do I get?

The Uplevel Your Biz mastermind program includes:

  • 90 minute fortnightly facilitated mastermind meetings for 16 weeks
  • Up to 6 credits for 1:1 coaching sessions 
  • Access to courses on customer experience and knowing your customers
  • Private Facebook group
  • Access to a network of professionals who can help to grow your business 


What are the benefits exactly?

Being part of a facilitated mastermind group, you can expect the following:

You will be challenged.

The only way we step up to the next level is through challenging ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. The Uplevel Your Biz Mastermind group will keep you on track, propelling you forward to your goals.  


Have you ever set a goal or made a plan and not told anyone? Did you achieve your desired outcome? If you can answer yes, then you’re exactly the kind of person we need in a mastermind group to share your secrets! If you answered no, you’re probably like the rest of us who benefit from having someone else to hold us accountable. At each meeting you’ll be asked to report on your progress, there’s nowhere to hide!

New ideas.

A huge part of the mastermind experience is brainstorming to help members solve their current problems and move forward. With the wealth of experience in the group, new innovative approaches to problems can easily be found, saving you time (and potentially money!) trying to solve everything yourself. 

Connection & support.

As you spend more time with the other group members you’ll form deep connections that can last a lifetime. Sharing your dreams and goals, as well as your missteps and failures is a surefire way to create incredible bonds. If you’re an entrepreneur without a solid support team, this is what you’ve been missing.

A network.

Sure, you have your own network of friends, family, business associates etc, but when you are part of an established mastermind group suddenly your network expands five-fold. Just as you would recommend a colleague or acquaintance to assist someone in the group, so too will you gain access to their networks.  


When you’re forging your own path in business, getting real, honest feedback can be difficult. In a mastermind you can expect constructive feedback on issues, new products and services, areas for improvement, and the list goes on. If you’re an entrepreneur or sole trader this can be especially invaluable.

Anything else?

Of course there's more! The program also includes:

1:1 Coaching Sessions

As a business owner, chances are your personal mindset is impacting on your business success whether you realise it or not. There are myriad ways that you could be sabotaging your progress including fear of sales, discomfort with uncertainty, refusal to delegate and even just thinking too small.  

In your private 1:1 sessions we'll help you uncover the areas in which you’re holding yourself and your business back, starting from the top down, developing both your vision and your new strategies for success. But most importantly, you will have someone to walk alongside you as you traverse the unknown.  

Private Facebook Group

When you're join an Uplevel Your Biz group you'll be provided with a link to join a secret Facebook group just for you and your fellow members. Here you can keep up to date with each others progress in between meetings!

Course access

One of the hardest things in the solo business world is finding the opportunity to learn how to do things better (or at all)! This is why access to our beta courses is so valuable. You'll receive training on creating an ideal customer experience as well as collecting and utilising important customer feedback, things that will help your business to truly stand out in the marketplace.

Access to experts and affordable business services

Beyond the networks of your fellow group members, Next Level You has a wide range of business contacts who specialise in helping businesses just like yours. When you become a member, you instantly gain access to this network whenever you need it. 

But here's the truth:

The biggest benefit of the Uplevel Your Biz Mastermind program, is meeting the next level You. 

There is nothing like spending regular time focused on your business and your goals, surrounded by other ambitious people to bring out the best in a person. 

If you've ever felt like you're not realising your full potential, it's time to change that. 

Your investment: starts at just $325 per month* 


Additional 1:1 support for those want the most out of the program. 



  • 8 Facilitated Mastermind Sessions
  • 6 x 1:1 Coaching Credits
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Course access
  • Access to Experts & Affordable Services
  • BONUS: E-DISC Profile

Includes 4 private coaching sessions over 16 weeks.



  • 8 Facilitated Mastermind Sessions
  • 4 x 1:1 Coaching Credits
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Course access
  • Access to Experts & Affordable Services
  • BONUS: E-DISC Profile
6 x 1:1 Coaching credits

Spread out your investment over 4 months.




  • 8 Facilitated Mastermind Sessions
  • 6 x 1:1 Coaching Credits
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Course access
  • Access to Experts & Affordable Services
4 x 1:1 Coaching credits

Spread out your investment over 4 months.




  • 8 Facilitated Mastermind Sessions
  • 4 x 1:1 Coaching Credits
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Course access
  • Access to Experts & Affordable Services

" with your help, I've cemented the next level me."

Jen was fantastic at unpacking how I was feeling and what was holding me back. I left the session with a plan of action and a renewed sense of hopefulness in the possibilities of the future.

Cannot thank her enough. She is utterly professional and helps you to dig deep with a perfect blend of questioning, listening and suggesting.

Alissa W.

occupational therapist

I have had the pleasure of receiving coaching from Jen and I praise her for her warmth and depth of support.

Jen has a fabulous approach to help you get clarity over your goals and address your road blocks to support you in achieving success! It's made a big difference to me!

Ann S.

project manager

The Uplevel Your Biz mastermind is for women and men who are:

  • Currently operating a small, micro or home-based business
  • Looking for regular accountability and focus
  • Able to set aside time to participate in the fortnightly sessions
  • Ambitious and strong, but also open to new ideas and opportunities
  • Not perfect, and do not have perfect businesses
  • Looking for a small, tight-knit gender diverse group to share the journey with
  • Ready to commit to a 16 week program

It's not for you if you are:

  • Happy to keep your business at the size and scope it is right now
  • Frustrated by input and not coachable or teachable
  • Not seeking to expand your network or grow your business
  • Looking for a referral group - you will grow your network but there is no focus on referrals here.

Are you looking for regular 1:1 support and accountability?  Ask about our other programs that might be more suitable for you!

"It's made a big difference to me!"

Meet your Coach & Facilitator:


Jen Riseborough

Your Small Business CEO Sidekick

Jen loves seeing businesses transform with a little help. She's passionate about helping busy small business owners access the practical support they need in a way that's both affordable and easy. Jen loves to use her practical wisdom to assist others on their journey toward business success. 

Prior to becoming a coach Jen gained a wealth of experience  in both the public and private sectors. Some of that valuable experience includes:

  • working with major supermarkets and developing product category plans;
  • rebranding a multimillion dollar business for under $5k;
  • working with the organisers of Australia's largest indoor event;
  • selling and delivering on many 5-figure contracts;
  • working with low budgets that required creativity and ingenuity; 
  • developing and testing new products;
  • coordinating sponsorship of a television series; and, 
  • designing unique point of sale packaging that was awarded a Design Registration from IP Australia. 

In addition Jen has undertaken a double degree in Business and Arts and over 200 hours of coach training. She's a certified organisational and team coach, accredited E-DISC behavioural profiler and member of the International Coach Federation. And she built this entire website herself from scratch! 

Jen is also the proud mum of a delightful growing boy and they call leafy Mount Evelyn home.

ICF | Extended DISC | IECL Certified Coach | Global Team Coaching Institute Foundations Certified Coach |

Jen assessed the needs and goals of our business, and then, by helping us learn about ourselves and each other, allowed us identify how to get the most out of each member. The guidance we have received from Jen on a team AND on a one on one basis has not only helped us improve our business performance (significantly), but also improved our team relationships.

Now that i have a coach, and have extended this to help each of my staff develop their own professional development, I do not know how anyone could function without it. It's like oil for an engine and Jen is the premium oil too.


Wesley S.


"I'm loving the clarity i get from our sessions!"

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question below, don't hesitate to get in touch by phone 03 8538 1185 or email

What is the frequency and length of the Mastermind meetings?

The Mastermind meetings are fortnightly and run for 90 minutes. Start dates and session times will be updated soon. 

What is the cost?

The cost to participate in the Uplevel Your Biz program varies depending on the number of 1:1 coaching credits you want. 

2022 pricing is as follows: 

Thursday or Friday morning - 8 facilitated group sessions

With 6 x 1:1 coaching credits: $1697
With 4 x 1:1 coaching credits: $1297

Payment plans (4 payments) are available for all options. All prices include 10% GST.

What's the cancellation policy?

Because of the nature of the group and the relationships formed we can only accept cancellations before sessions commence. By signing up you are committing to the 16 week duration of the program, for both your benefit and that of your group-mates. 

Of course, life can be unpredictable so if during that time something occurs that will impact on your ability to participate in the group we will work with you as best we can to accommodate your circumstances. 

Can I speak with someone before I sign up?

Of course! We are more than happy to talk you through the program and what you can expect. You can call us on 03 8538 1185 during business hours, or alternatively submit the application form and we will call you to discuss things further. 

What about the 1:1 coaching sessions?

The 1:1 coaching sessions are designed to provide focused support beyond what you will receive in the facilitated group sessions. These are an opportunity for you to take your time and go deeper with your coach and expand on the work done within the group.

You can use your credits how you see fit, each one is worth a 50 minute session. You may wish to use more than one at once if you are tackling a big problem, or spread them out evenly over the 4 months.  

You'll be able to book them through our portal for days and times that are convenient and work for you.

Unused coaching credits will be forfeited at the end of the program unless otherwise arranged.

Do I have to attend all the meetings?

To get the most out of the program you should be available to attend all of the fortnightly meetings. The group will function better when the attendance is stable and the other participants can benefit from having everyone there. 

That being said, we realise that occasionally other important things come up it's unreasonable to expect 100% attendance!

Are there any guarantees?

Yes! We're so confident that you'll get value from the program that we offer a money back guarantee if you're unhappy at the end of the program. To be eligible you must attend and participate in all (90%) Mastermind sessions and your 1:1 coaching sessions. 

Of course we don't want anyone to be disappointed with their experience so if you are having issues we ask that you tell us as early as possible so we can work together on a solution. 

Where does the group meet?

All Uplevel Your Biz Mastermind sessions are held via Zoom, so you can participate from the comfort of your own home or office (or the local cafe if practical).

Generally 1:1 sessions will also be held over Zoom however depending on location and availability these can also happen in person when possible. 

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes! We understand that the outlay to join can be prohibitive for some small business owners so we offer a monthly payment plan. 

Unfortunately the payment plan does not include the Extended DISC profile that is available as a bonus for those who pay upfront. You can however still access this at a discounted rate if desired.

What happens after I apply?

After you've submitted your application form we will be in touch within 3 business days. After we've confirmed that the program is the right fit for you and make sure there is a good balance within the existing participants you'll receive a link to the program in our system so you can finalise your payment within 24 hours. 

Please note, your place is not guaranteed until payment is made. Places will be held for 24 hours after your confirmation is emailed.

Applications opening soon for next intake. To register your interest and be the first to know when doors open join the waitlist below:

WARNING: Spaces are limited as Uplevel Your Biz Mastermind groups are capped at 10 participants. Preference is given in order of application so don't delay in applying if you're interested!

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