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ICF - International Coaching Federation
EXTENDED DISC Practitioner
IECL Certification
GTCI Certification
EMCC Team Coaching Accreditation

Jen has transformed our workplace and helped me transform myself into the best version of me!


What got you here, won't get you there. 


At Next Level You, we know that the key to getting what you want from your business (and life!) is a commitment to continuous growth. Like it or not, we all have limits. We all have strengths that we can leverage, and behaviours that will hold us back if we let them.

Our goal is to develop you beyond your current limits so you can be the person your business needs to propel it to the next level.

We do this by developing your growth mindset and behavioural flexibility, while also paying close attention to your values, business strategy and skillset.

We provide support, insight and the key questions that you and your business need to thrive. 

There is nothing quite like owning a business to push you to your limits.

Why work with
Next Level You?

Partnering with businesses in the Yarra Valley, and beyond.

Geographic limits don't apply.

While we love working with local businesses, we could be around the corner or around the world. The magic of technology means nowhere is out of reach in 2021.

We're purpose-driven and ethical, like you.

We endeavour to only ever provide products and services that have real value. We don't believe in charging big money for small results, and we will never suck you into a contract you can't afford or don't want.

We see what you don't.

One of the biggest problems we face as business owners is being stuck in our own perspective. We can see you, your business and your challenges from multiple angles which helps you gain insight and make profitable adjustments. 


While there are many serious parts to business, we believe that wherever possible it should be fun and enjoyable. We work with other business owners who take themselves lightly and appreciate humour! 

How to work with us

Every stage in the lifecycle of a business presents unique challenges. At Next Level You we understand that there are no "one size fits all" solutions when it comes to enterprise in the 21st century. We have a range of services and programs available to ensure that you get just what you need to solve the challenges you're facing right now. 

Select your stage of business:

Not sure where you fit? 

If you're not quite sure what stage you're in, or if you feel like you're somewhere in between, just book a Work Talk call and we'll help you figure out what your biggest needs are right now and whether we can help.


Now that I have a coach, and have extended this to help each of my staff develop their own professional development, I do not know how anyone could function without it. It's like oil for an engine, and Jen is the premium oil too.

- wesley spencer

Who are we?

Behind the scenes of Next Level You is Jen, a certified organisational and team coach living in the beautiful Yarra Valley. With a diverse background in both the public and private sectors and over 30 years experience in solving tricky problems, she works with purpose-driven business owners across Victoria (and beyond!) to help them make their big visions a reality.  


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