Month: February 2024

Try a dopamine detox

ADHD Business Tips - Try a dopamine detox to reset your focus

Entrepreneurs are known for being energetic, creative, and restless – always looking for the next big idea or opportunity. But for those of us with ADHD, these traits can be doubly amplified, making it difficult to focus and stay on task. The persistent novelty-seeking and impulsivity of ADHD can lead to us being distracted by every little notification, email, […]

Sort your space

ADHD Business Tips - Sort Your Space

Today’s post is a short one because I’m all about taking my own advice! If you’ve got an ADHD brain there’s a good chance that you’re not the most organised entrepreneur around.. I’d estimate that less than 20% of my ADHD clients have found systems that help to keep their physical space well sorted – for the vast majority […]


ADHD Business Tips - Unsubscribe

Is your email inbox the bane of your existence? Does the growing number of unread messages fill you with dread with each new day? If you can relate, you’re not alone, and you’re probably in the right place! For many of my clients, an inbox can feel like a bit like a bottomless pit, constantly overflowing with new demands […]