If you're a small business owner you probably have a pretty unique business, based around your personal values and style. You get to call the shots and you love the freedom of being your own boss. You've got a big vision and (almost) all the right ingredients for success. 

But... you have your challenges too. And if you're like the small business owners we work with you'll probably find them on this list:

  • It's hard to say no - to clients who are a poor fit, to clients you love, to your kids, to anyone really;
  • All the pressure is on you to keep things happening, if you stop the money stops too;
  • You never have enough time to get everything done, even hiring people doesn't seem to be the answer;
  • So much of what you do is in your brain and it's hard to get it out onto paper, although you know you really should; 
  • It's lonely working by yourself (or at the top);
  • You're tired, you want to spend more time with the people that matter and enjoy the perks of having a successful business;
  • You want to find ways to bring in more revenue, maybe even passive income;
  • You really want to grow but think you can't afford expensive consultants or coaches;
  • You never get a chance to plan and work ON the business, you're always IN it; and,
  • It's been going on like this so long you feel like you're always teetering on the edge of burnout! 
To much to do

Does your average weekend look like this?

We get it. We've seen it before and more importantly, we know how to help.

Our business owner coaching programs are designed with your specific challenges in mind and based around what others just like you have found valuable in moving toward their next level.

It's not hardcore, scary, expensive or time-consuming - because we know those aren't your cup of tea - but it will make a difference. 

These programs will have you graduating to the next level by:

  • Setting big goals in line with your massive vision;
  • Setting the boundaries that you'll need to make them happen;
  • Having a friendly face and safe space to share and unpack your major challenges;
  • Hiring & leading a team (or at least a helper!);
  • Developing top a notch customer experience unique in the marketplace;
  • Creating sources of passive revenue; 
  • Bringing the joy back to your business! 

And let's be real.. you know the list doesn't end there, but we haven't got all day! 😉 In a nutshell, we want to get your weekends looking more like this:

Enjoy the fruits of your labour! Business owner coaching Melbourne
Enjoy the fruits of your labour! Business owner coaching Melbourne
Enjoy the fruits of your labour! Business owner coaching Melbourne
Enjoy the fruits of your labour! Business owner coaching Melbourne

So here's what we've got..


Next Level Conversations - image of escalator going up.

Next Level Conversations

Conversations that move you forward, refocus your attention and keep you on the right track. Part coaching, part consulting, these sessions are flexible in order to meet the demands of the moment. Delivered by a certified coach with stacks of practical business know-how & and an extensive network. 

Next Level Intensive

Next Level Intensive

A structured coaching program delivered over 4 months and designed to kickstart a major uplevel for stressed-out small business owners! You'll formulate and build on the next level habits that you'll need to start living the life you really want - the one you pictured when you first started working for yourself!

Not sure what you need?

Let's have a chat about your specific situation and goals and see whether we have a solution that could help.

Looking for a group experience?

Uplevel Your Biz: A Mastermind program for self-employed entrepreneurs with a big vision.

Uplevel Your Biz

Our mastermind program for the self-employed entrepreneur looking to make some waves (and some $$). 

This program is perfect if you want to build a strong network and access coaching but your budget is tight.  

Access the knowledge and experience of not just your coach, but up to nine others on the same journey in this small group program with fortnightly meetings.

Something else?

Say No Easily Free Ebook

Learn to Say No Easily

"No" is probably one of those things you struggle with sometimes. This short ebook will guide you through ten steps to get more comfortable with "no" and ditch the guilt and worry!

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