Month: June 2023

Find the most fun ways to move your body!

ADHD Business Tips: Find the most fun ways to move

If you’ve got ADHD exercise is not just a means to physical fitness; it is a powerful tool that can positively impact lots of areas of your life. Engaging in regular movement has been shown to provide numerous benefits that directly address the challenges faced by those with ADHD. From improving focus and attention to reducing impulsivity and hyperactivity, […]

Use the Pomodoro Technique when you can’t get started

ADHD Business Tips: Use the Pomodoro Technique when you can't get started.

If you have a big project to get done and you can never quite find the time to get started, the Pomodoro Technique can be perfect for helping you make progress by providing a time-limited window of opportunity. Often when we have a large task to get done, we will put off starting because even with our overly optimistic […]

Break large tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks

Break down tasks into more manageable chunks

I can almost guarantee that you’ve heard this advice before, and as far as business tips go, it might feel like a no-brainer. Too simple to actually be useful even. But what I’ve noticed, both for myself, and amongst my clients, is that breaking things down into manageable chunks doesn’t come naturally and often it doesn’t happen at all. […]