Find the most fun ways to move your body!

ADHD Business Tips: Find the most fun ways to move

If you’ve got ADHD exercise is not just a means to physical fitness; it is a powerful tool that can positively impact lots of areas of your life. Engaging in regular movement has been shown to provide numerous benefits that directly address the challenges faced by those with ADHD. From improving focus and attention to reducing impulsivity and hyperactivity, exercise offers a holistic approach to managing ADHD symptoms, including at work. I know for myself, workdays always go better when I’ve managed a workout first thing in the morning.

Which begs the question.. why isn’t everyone out there exercising and moving every day?

Well, to be fair, many are.. but for most of us, the biggest challenge with regular exercise is that once the novelty wears off its easy to take a break, inevitably something comes up that feels more important, pressing, or fun.. and it can become damn near impossible to your momentum back when that happens.

Which is why finding ways to make it fun is such an important factor.

So what are some really fun ways to move your body?

The good news is that when it comes to moving your body in fun and engaging ways, the options are virtually endless. Here are some suggestions (most of which I’ve tried myself!) to help you get active and have a great time:

💃 Dance

Whether you join an in-person dance class, participate in a virtual dance session, or just lose yourself in your favourite tunes in the comfort of your own living room – dancing is a fantastic way to get moving and express yourself creatively. If you’re in the Dandenong Ranges check out For the Love of Dance, run by one of my beautiful clients Meagan. Most of my dancing has been done in front of the TV on a dance mat which you can read more about further down!  

⛹️ Sports

Sports like basketball, volleyball or soccer are great for adding an element of competition to your exercise, with the added advantage of a social connection. Tennis, squash, or even frisbee can be done casually with a mate or in a more organised fashion if you want. For me as a young adult futsal (indoor 5-a-side soccer) was a terrific addition to my schedule, not only because I played with some of my favourite friends but because the weekly games added some additional structure to my week. We weren’t topping the ladder but boy did we have some fun!

🏔️ Outdoor Adventures

If you’re in Australia like me, you’re fortunate to live in one of nature’s most amazing wonderlands. Get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors by going for hikes, bike rides, or nature walks. My son and I are lucky enough to live in the hills and thanks to several long lockdowns and restrictions that kept us very close to home we discovered some stunning trails right at our doorstep that we might never have found otherwise. I bet you can find new trails, parks, or scenic areas in your area and enjoy the beauty of nature while getting your body moving if you do a little exploring (or googling)!

🧘 Group Fitness

Group fitness classes like Zumba, aerobics, kickboxing, or yoga can provide a social and energetic environment. They can be a great opportunity to meet new people, have fun, and challenge yourself physically. I used to love my weekly Saturday morning Body Pump class back in the day (but I was never coordinated enough for Body Attack!). The key for me was finding something that felt doable while still pushing me, and that kept the same weekly schedule but was new and fresh every week to stop boredom setting in.

🤸 Trampoline Parks

Jumping on trampolines can be a thrilling and entertaining way to engage your whole body – unless perhaps you’ve birthed a baby or several, in which case feel free to skil this one! But if you’ve got a strong pelvic floor, trampoline centres where you can bounce, flip, and release your inner child while getting a fantastic cardio workout can be a great option. I haven’t bounced much as an adult but as a kid we had the biggest trampoline in the neighbourhood and it was definitely well used!

🏄‍♂️ Water Sports

Swimming, water aerobics, stand-up paddleboarding, or kayaking are refreshing and enjoyable options, especially during the summer months. If you live near the water (and have decent weather!) these options can provide a low-impact workout that engage multiple muscle groups. If you live on the coast, surfing or body-boarding can also be brilliant ways to move your body and enjoy the water. I used to white-water kayak as a teenager which was great fun, if a lot of work, but more recently I’ve enjoyed giving paddleboarding a try, I just wish the water here wasn’t so chilly!

🎮 Active Video Games

Have you ever played Pokemon Go, Just Dance or Wii Sports? On a wet and wintry Melbourne day a video game that gets you (or your children!) moving can be a godsend! And these days there are heaps of options, especially if you have a newer console like the Nintendo Switch. Combining entertainment with physical activity can be a super fun way to get your body in motion. I’ve walked over 1500km playing Pokemon Go with my son, gave myself a stress fracture dancing on my PS2 dance mat, and just yesterday managed to put my hip out playing Wii tennis! 🤪 If you’ve got a gaming console it could be worth checking out what active video games are available but even if you don’t there are heaps of Just Dance tracks on YouTube that you can access for free!

👯 Do anything, with a friend

Any sport, game or activity can be made more fun and appealing with the simple addition of a friend or two. A hike or bike ride that you’d never bother with alone can be a great way to get active if you can find a mate to bring along. The added benefit is the accountability factor that comes from involving someone else!

In my experience the key to finding the most fun ways to move is to try a bunch of different things and see what grabs you. Be prepared that not everything will stick and in my experience, it doesn’t need to. It’s ok to get bored or for an activity to not give you the same dopamine boost that it did in the past – remember your brain is a novelty seeker! Where possible it’s a give any new activity a little time before you make a big investment toward it – speaking as the person who’s had a brand new pair of skikes still sitting in her garage for too many years now.. 😅

It’s also worth remembering that movement doesn’t have to be formal or organised, walking the dog and family dance parties count too. Incorporating fun into your physical activities, you’re way more likely to stay motivated, make it a regular habit, and reap the numerous benefits of moving your body, including the flow on effects to your business.


I’ve tried out fitness apps in the past in an effort to move more, but I was never able to stick with one until signed up for a free trial of the Peloton app when it came to Australia almost 2 years ago. This app was a gamechanger for me: on-demand and live class options (albeit fewer in our time zone) across 13 disciplines including running, cycling, rowing and strength with 50+ instructors to choose from and playlists for every taste, it’s impossible to ever get bored or not be able to find some fun way to move my body every day. The app launched right when I took delivery of my treadmill and I’m 100% certain that it wouldn’t have had nearly as much use without it. If you want to try it out for yourself risk-free, click here for a free 60 day trial.

What are your favourite fun ways to move?

See you soon,

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