Month: May 2023

Ask yourself: “how can I make this more fun?”

How to make work fun for business owners with ADHD

It’s time to tap into joy! Can you imagine a world where work becomes a thrilling journey for entrepreneurs with ADHD? Picture a workplace filled with vibrant energy, creative thinking, and a sense of adventure. For business owners with ADHD, infusing work with a healthy dose of fun isn’t just a luxury—it’s a strategic advantage that can transform your […]

Turn on some brown noise

ADHD Business Tips - Turn on some brown noise!

“Like a massage for your brain” Last year in one of our Execute mastermind sessions the topic of using white noise to drown out distractions came up. Then one of my clients mentioned that she used brown noise, which she described as “like a massage for your brain!”. I was intrigued, so I turned some on and did a […]

Running a business with ADHD

Running a business with ADHD

Recently a post popped up on my social media feed where someone was wondering how people manage to run a business or work for themselves with ADHD. The OP was curious about the prospect of self-employment, but they couldn’t see how it would work given their challenges with executive function and inability to focus etc. They knew it could […]