Leverage technology to automate repetitive tasks

ADHD Business Tips - Leverage technology to automate repetitive tasks

Running a business can be a joyful, even grand adventure but if you’re not careful the creativity and excitement can quickly be dampened by an ever-growing list of repetitive, lower-value tasks – especially when you’re flying solo. These kinds of tasks not only suck up your valuable time, they can also be easy ways to waste your hyperfocus or they’re overlooked and forgotten altogether.. ever neglected to send an important invoice or pay a bill because it fell off your to-do list? I sure have!

And the real kicker? For many of us the tasks I’m talking about can even become a refuge of sorts, a place to hide out from the more complex challenges that demand your focus and attention.

The safe haven of easy or repetitive tasks

It’s not hard to spend hours each week sorting your emails or files, re-writing the same emails to different clients or finding a meeting time that works for multiple parties when you’re avoiding something that requires more from you. It feels much less like procrastination when you’re still working on something business related after all.

Entrepreneurs, especially those of us with ADHD, might find solace in the predictability of repetitive tasks. There’s a comfort in doing something familiar, even if it’s not the most strategic or impactful task. This is especially the case when you’re feeling more challenged, stressed or unclear about what’s next and need to meet your core need of certainty or security.  However, this refuge comes at a cost – at the very least it consumes both time and mental bandwidth that could be better invested in high-value, growth-driving activities.

Use streamlining and automation to win back your time

The first step to moving out of your safe haven is to remember that your time is a valuable resource and one that should be invested wisely for maximum impact.

Listen, I know that might sound trite, maybe even eyeroll worthy.. with an ADHD brain you probably already know that your day-to-day energy isn’t always consistent but what you might not be as clear on are your key strengths and your Zone of Genius. Chances are you’ve taught yourself how to do so many things over the years that actually nailing down your biggest gifts can feel like staring into a murky puddle in the middle of a rainstorm.

But I want to be clear here – using and sharing those gifts with the world is where you should be spending the bulk of your time if you want to build a business that works. This means that over time you must get rid of as many of the boring, routine tasks in your business that you reasonably can, to free up more time that can be spent in your genius zone. This is not only where you’ll have the most fun, but also where you’re very likely to make the most money.

So, your next step is to identify tasks in your business that are repetitive and, frankly, a bit mundane. These are prime candidates for automation. By streamlining these processes, you can free up hours each month – hours that can be put toward the stuff you really love to do.

What can I automate?

Here are some ideas of tasks you might like to automate in your business:

  • Filtering and organising emails: Use email filters to categorize and organize incoming emails automatically.
  • Autoresponders: Set up autoresponders for common inquiries or to manage expectations about response times.
  • Scheduling social media posts: Use social media scheduling tools to plan and automate posts across various platforms.
  • Automated invoicing: Utilise accounting software that allows for the automation of invoicing and billing processes.
  • Recurring payments: Set up recurring payments for regular bills.
  • Idea capture: Set up a voice-to-text app or use a digital assistant like Siri or Google Assistant to quickly capture your thoughts on the go.
  • Customer feedback: automate the process of sending and collecting responses for customer feedback surveys.
  • Online booking systems: Use online scheduling tools that allow clients to book appointments directly, eliminating the need for manual scheduling.
  • Expense tracking: Choose accounting software that integrates with bank accounts for simplified expense tracking.
  • Content marketing: Use tools that allow you to schedule and automate the distribution of blog posts, newsletters, and other content.
  • Order processing: Implement automated order processing systems for e-commerce businesses.
  • Inventory management: Use tools that automatically update inventory levels and reorder products when needed.
  • Onboarding: Implement onboarding software that automates the paperwork for new clients or new hires.
  • Task management tools: Utilise task management tools with reminder features to automate task reminders.
  • File Management Software: Implement software that automatically organises and categorises files on the computer.

Common pitfalls to avoid

As with everything, it’s not all sunshine and unicorns here in automation-land! There are some common hazards to look out for when you decide to jump on the automation bandwagon to ensure that the payoff outweighs the investment. Here are a couple of things to beware of and plan to avoid:

  • Overcomplicating: Start small. Automate one task at a time to avoid overwhelming yourself with complexity.
  • Never revisiting: Regularly update and optimise your automation tools for efficiency and security.
  • Not testing thoroughly: Before fully implementing an automation, conduct thorough testing to ensure it works seamlessly.

Quick Wins

If you want to start the process but aren’t sure what to do first, here are some of my favourite easy-to-automate yet high impact tasks that you can implement right now in your business if you haven’t already:

Password Management:

Task: Remembering and inputting passwords.

Automation: Utilise password management tools like LastPass or 1Password to securely store and autofill passwords across various platforms.

Customer Follow-ups:

Task: Sending follow-up emails to clients or customers.

Automation: Set up email sequences or use CRM tools to automate follow-up emails based on specific triggers or timelines.

Backup Procedures:

Task: Regularly backing up important data.

Automation: Use cloud storage services with automatic backup features like Google One, Microsoft OneDrive or Apple iCloud to ensure that crucial business data is consistently and securely backed up.

These simple automations can save you stacks of time and frustration, as well as keeping your business running smoothly and securely.  


Choose one of the Quick Wins in the list above and try your hand at setting up a new system!

If you don’t already, you could also consider automating your social media posts for the upcoming week. Use a scheduling tool to plan and set a consistent posting schedule. This small change can save you the daily hassle of crafting and posting content, providing a taste of the benefits automation can bring.

I encourage you to embrace technology as your ally and leverage it as much as possible when it comes to streamlining recurring or boring tasks in your business. By automating repetitive tasks, you not only reduce your mental load but also empower yourself to focus on the activities that really drive your business forward.

I’ll see you back here next week!

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