Always have a place to record ideas

ADHD Biz Tips: Always have a place to record your ideas

As an entrepreneur with ADHD, you possess a remarkable gift: a brain brimming with a constant flow of creative ideas and inspiration. This never-ending wellspring of innovation is a superpower in the business world; however, it can easily become your kryptonite, pulling you away from the task at hand every time a new idea pops up. Here we’ll explore the intricate relationship between the ADHD brain and idea generation, the potential pitfalls of too many ideas, and how to handle these bursts of inspiration so that they fuel your focus rather than derail it.

The ADHD Brain and idea generation

Entrepreneurs with ADHD have a unique cognitive profile. Your brain is wired for divergent thinking, which means you often excel at generating numerous ideas, seeing connections between seemingly unrelated concepts, and thinking outside the box. This creative whirlwind is like fuel for the entrepreneurial spirit. The ability to innovate and adapt quickly is a valuable trait in the business world.

However, this same creative dynamo can lead to significant challenges in staying focused. The continual barrage of ideas can become overwhelming, causing your mind to frequently jump from one thing to another and making it challenging to complete tasks.

How ideas and inspiration become distractions

The initial spark of a new idea can be irresistible. It floods your mind with excitement and potential. This surge of inspiration can quickly take centre stage, diverting your attention from your current task, often for much longer than you expect. Your dopamine-seeking brain tells you that this new idea is the most critical thing right now, and you must act on it immediately.

These sudden shifts can disrupt your workflow, disrupt your productivity, and lead to a trail of unfinished projects. You might find yourself in a frustrating cycle of starting something new, losing interest, and moving on to the next shiny concept.

In the moment it feels great, but when you look back at all the ideas that never came to fruition it can feel more than a little demoralising.  

What to do with new ideas and inspiration?

It’s crucial to embrace your gift for idea generation while learning how to manage it effectively. Here are some strategies to help you stay on track:

  • Acknowledge the idea: When a new idea strikes, acknowledge it. Don’t dismiss it. Instead, jot down a few notes to capture the essence of the concept. By acknowledging the idea, you’re not suppressing your creativity, but you’re also not letting it control your actions.
  • Set boundaries: Determine specific times for idea exploration. Dedicate a portion of your day or week to brainstorming and idea development. This can help satisfy your creative cravings while allowing you to focus during other periods.
  • Prioritise ideas: Not all ideas are created equal. Use a simple rating system to prioritise ideas based on their potential impact and alignment with your current goals.
  • Stay committed: Make a conscious decision to commit to your current task or project. Remind yourself of your long-term goals and the importance of completing what you’ve started.

Recording ideas and inspiration

In my experience, having a way to record your ideas as they come to you is the key to staying focused on your current task. It’s much easier to acknowledge and set boundaries when you aren’t worried about forgetting your latest genius moment! Here are some of my favourite strategies and tools if you’re ready to move on from the Notes in your phone:

  • Digital Note-Taking Apps: Apps like Evernote or OneNote can help you quickly jot down ideas on your device, making them easily searchable and accessible.
  • Physical Journals: Many entrepreneurs find solace in carrying a pocket-sized journal. It’s a tangible way to capture ideas, and some people find that the act of physically writing helps solidify the idea. See the Try It Out section below for an option I like!
  • Voice Memos: Use your smartphone to record voice memos when an idea strikes. This is especially handy when you can’t type or write in the moment.
  • Idea Management Software: There are tools like Trello, Asana, or Notion that allow you to organise and track your ideas and projects effectively.


If you need a new place to record your ideas, check out this adorable Brain Dump note book from the lovely Amy at Dahlia Creative. I got mine last week and I’m loving it!

The thrill of idea generation is one of the highlights of the journey when you’re a business owner with ADHD. Instead of allowing this incredible gift to become a distraction, you can harness its power to fuel your focus and productivity. When you can adopt strategies to acknowledge, prioritise, and record your ideas, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your business goals while you nurture your creative spirit.

I’ll see you back here next week.

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