On Thoughts.


“It’s all in the mind.”

– George Harrison

Welcome to another new week.

The focus of the Weekly Unpack today is these five words from famous Beatle George Harrison in the Yellow Submarine feature film. Though it’s a light hearted music-adventure animation, George’s words are more deep and meaningful.

It is, in fact, all in the mind.

Our lives are, for the most part, governed by our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, about how the world works, about the intentions of others and so on. Our minds are incredibly powerful and we have the capacity to use them for our own greatest good, but this can only happen when we become conscious of what is happening within.

What are our core beliefs? What do we believe to be true about ourselves? Those around us? How the world works?

What do we spend time thinking about? Are we thinking of the things we do want? Or are we consumed with negative thoughts about what we don’t want? Are we plagued by anxiety and fear thoughts?

Until we can get a handle on our own mind, we are unlikely to experience life in the ways that we want to. We will be stuck living beneath our potential and feeling unsatisfied, even when it seems like we have it all.

How can you start to take control of your thoughts this week? Are there beliefs you need to change in order to reach the next level?

Wishing you a blessed Easter and a week of self-discovery. See you next Sunday!

Jen x

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