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Experiment with different work environments

ADHD Business Tips: Experiment with different work environments

If you’ve got ADHD, finding the ideal work environment is crucial as it can significantly impact both your productivity and wellbeing. If you work in a fixed location such as a rented office or store, or you need location-specific equipment to run your business, you may be limited in how much you can alter your workspace. But if you […]

Multiply your time estimates by 1.5x

ADHD Business Tips: Multiply your time estimates by 1.5x

As a business-owner with ADHD I’ve had my fair share of trouble managing my time and energy effectively, and if you’re reading this you can probably relate! Can you see yourself in any of these anecdotes? The Morning Rush Sarah, an entrepreneur with ADHD, wakes up on a regular Wednesday morning with a burst of energy and enthusiasm. She […]

You don’t have to eat that frog!

ADHD Biz Tips: You don't have to eat that frog!

“What’s important is finding out what works for you.” – Thomas Moore Have you ever woken up with big plans for a big project but somewhere along the line (sometimes even before breakfast) things get derailed and you end the day feeling frustrated and discouraged? You might have managed to get a few minor things ticked off your to-do […]

Make a “Don’t Do” list

ADHD Business Tips: Make a Don't Do list

“If you want to make good use of your time, you’ve got to know what’s most important and then give it all you’ve got.” – Lee Iacocca In a world filled with endless tasks, commitments, and distractions, finding effective ways to focus and get sh*t done is essential, and an ADHD brain brings an additional level of challenge. I’m […]

Get yourself a gnome!

ADHD Business Tips - Get yourself a gnome -Body Doubling

In one of our first sessions when I started the Execute program last year the topic of body doubling came up and one of the participants mentioned that she and a friend had dubbed the practice “gnoming” because it was like having a little gnome sitting nearby watching you work. 😅 We loved that idea, and we still refer […]

Give yourself permission to take a day off.

ADHD Biz Tips: Take a Day Off

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop. – Ovid Do you take planned breaks? It’s something I find difficult to do myself but it’s certainly something I’m working on and something I strongly encourage all of my clients to do. I can be a bit of a broken record to be honest – after all, […]

Surround yourself with the right people.

ADHD Business Tip: Surround Yourself with the Right People

Have you ever watched Formula 1 racing? It’s my 11yo son’s current obsession and one of the many facts I’ve learned from him recently is that an average pit stop these days takes less than 3 seconds. 3 seconds!! The fastest recorded was just 1.82 seconds 🤯 Obviously, this is significantly faster than when I was kid when pit […]

Feel good first!

ADHD Business Tips - Feel good first!

Last year one of our amazing Execute participants posted a list of her tasks for the day on a daily check-in post, and alongside her classes and office work for the day she had listed an item, second on the list “Bottomless brunch and endless espresso martinis with a friend”. It sounded like a brilliant way to spend the […]

Find the most fun ways to move your body!

ADHD Business Tips: Find the most fun ways to move

If you’ve got ADHD exercise is not just a means to physical fitness; it is a powerful tool that can positively impact lots of areas of your life. Engaging in regular movement has been shown to provide numerous benefits that directly address the challenges faced by those with ADHD. From improving focus and attention to reducing impulsivity and hyperactivity, […]

Ask yourself: “how can I make this more fun?”

How to make work fun for business owners with ADHD

It’s time to tap into joy! Can you imagine a world where work becomes a thrilling journey for entrepreneurs with ADHD? Picture a workplace filled with vibrant energy, creative thinking, and a sense of adventure. For business owners with ADHD, infusing work with a healthy dose of fun isn’t just a luxury—it’s a strategic advantage that can transform your […]